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Digital Tachometers A wide variety of tachometers

KOYO provides multi-function digital tachometers with eight operation modes to serve various purposes including the measurement of revolutions, speed, cycles, time difference, pulse time and intervals as well as integration.
There are eight different models, including small and reasonably-priced models used exclusively for the display of revolution counts and some models supporting log or digital output functions or comparator functions.

Product Lineup
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TC-V Series
TC-V Series
This tachometer is provided with a large display that is easy to read in a small DIN 48 body.
The bright character display is with a large red LED and a character height of 10 mm, which makes it easy to read from a distance and at an angle.
TC Series
TC Series
Based on a preset scale, the tachometer converts the number of revolutions to a distance, volume or production per unit time. The prescale function is not included in the TC-4L model.
High Precision
The cycle measurement is used in measurement format to obtain a high degree of precision at low speeds. Using a sampling technique, the tachometer ensures ample precision even at high speeds.

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